How long is a piece of string


We believe "There is always a solution", even to difficult questions such as this one.


No matter how difficult the problem, we enjoy the challenge of solving it.


"The string is as twice as long as from the middle to one end."

Business and Project Solution Consultants

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6SS specialises in problem solving. We start from a point of view that there is always a solution and then follow our own in-house methodology to create and orchestrate pragmatic solutions.


Creating a Solution

Before a solution can be created, it's important to really understand the problem. Determine who and why they think the problem exists. Is there any tangible evidence of the problem. Does the problem present itself in the same way to everyone, or in fact are there multiple problems? [read more...]

Once the problem has clearly been defined and the effects of it well documented, it's then necessary to define the successful outcome(s) of a solution; that is in such a way that it can clearly be proved that the problem has been solved. For example; improved Customer feedback as measured by a Customer Survey, or increased profitability as measured by comparative financial reports [read more...]

Orchestra Conductor

Orchestrating a Solution

Much like an orchestra conductor, our style of management is to orchestrate the resources necessary to implement the solution. As the focal point for all directions, we ensure that not only does each team and individual know when to contribute, but we also ensure that everyone else is singing from the same hymn sheet; harmony can be ruined by just one instrument being out of tune or out of time [read more...]

Pragmatic Solution of a Swing

Pragmatic Solutions

A solution must be pragmatic, meaning practical, realistic and sensible. It should be measured in terms of tangible resources; cost and time. Clearly it should also be appropriate and be judged against the problem that it is trying to overcome. Does the solution fix all the problems, does it create others, will it stick or will it slowly unwind only to present itself again. Remember, one option is always to do nothing, which if the only other identified solution is to spend lots of time and money, and to cause major disruption to the organisation, it may be cheaper to live with the problem in the short term.


At 6SS, we understand problems and since 1999, we've enjoyed solving them!