Blue Sky Facilitation

This service offering is about identifying a solution to a predefined problem (see Business Analysis). When looking for a solution, it's important to consult all those that have a vested interest in the solution, but clearly it's not always practical to involve them all in a workshop to determine it. This can be overcome by including individuals in a workshop that can not only contribute to the solution because of their knowledge or experience, but also someone who can represent the populous. After all, if a solution is to stick, it has to have majority support, or it will simply unravel over time.

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We will use our skill and experience to facilitate workshop(s) designed to create pragmatic solutions to your business issue. We will do this by reviewing the information gathered about the problem and then identifying the personnel that we believe are able to contribute to the solution and/or champion it's implementation.

At the end of the workshops, we will present a summary the various pragmatic options, along with our recommendations for next steps.